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Samsung Unpacked 2019 – new Galaxy S10 range and the Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold


The first folding screen smartphone/tablet from a leading manufacturer has arrived

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung opened its Unpacked 2019 presentation with the rather remarkable Galaxy Fold. As its name suggests, it’s a folding smartphone, with two displays; one on the outer side of one half of the fold and a folding ‘Infinity Flex’ screen revealed across both sides when the device is opened up.

It’s a tribute to Samsung’s technology, design and engineering that they have been able to get the Galaxy Fold ready in time to go on sale at the end of April (US)/early May (Europe).

It’s quite unlike any of the other Galaxy S10 devices, though it is a phone and it does fit in a pocket. It’s also, when opened and unfolded flat, handy sized tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

7.3 inch display when unfolded

The 7.3 inch Dynamic AMOLED 4.2:3 aspect ratio QXGA+ (1536 x 2152) display offers enough enough display space to concurrently display and run three apps.

There is a smaller screen on the cover; 4.6 inches HD+ Super AMOLED.

Triple cameras

The same triple camera array as the S10 and S10+ is provided along with the S10+ and S10 5G pair of selfie camera and 3D depth sensing ToF sensor.

Unlike the Galaxy S10 range, the Fold uses a Qualcomm 7nm Octa-core processor instead of Samsung’s own Exynos 8nm Octa-core processor.

12GB DDR4 system memory and 512GB flash storage is standard. There is no provision for microSD storage expansion.

All this is powered by a 4380 mAh battery which is compatible with the Qualcomm QC2.0 fast charging specification. Wireless charging is also incorporated.

I wasn’t able to handle a Fold but from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t look excessively bulky. It’s relatively tall and it’s not slim when folded, but it should live comfortably in a jacket pocket.

It’s difficult to judge such an unusual design, but I would personally be concerned about seeing some kind of screen surface imperfection along the fold. So far the signs are not too bad as it seems the folding mechanism pulls the screen taut, so masking the crease where the fold on the screen lies.

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold

It’s not cheap

At nearly 2000 Euros, this is a very expensive product. It’s the price of a very high end premium laptop. It’s not going to sell in droves, but Samsung have the satisfaction of beating all its main rivals to a folding screen smartphone.

While I’m definitely wary of being disappointed by potential compromises in the way the screen works, I can’t wait to get my hands on one. I’m also not very concerned about the size of the Fold. For now, it’s wait and see, though I can’t personally work out how I could justify buying one – yet!

Samsung Galaxy Fold
Samsung Galaxy Fold


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